Nations of Women

How it all started...

Ever since age 9, I have been passionate about the idea that women could really make a difference in any environment through leadership. It so happened when I was sent to boarding school, after many weeks of being bullied I decided to camp outside my housemistress’ home, seeing how she managed this difficult situation for me as a young girl left a huge impression on me in how women can make an impactful difference when they are in positions of leadership.

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Our Vision 

Women at the table are solving the world’s most meaningful problems with creative solutions, Our vision Is to see more women in leadership perfectly aligned to accelerate the socio-economic development of nations.

Our Mission

Our mission and life’s work have been primarily to inspire, and empower through mentoring, and provide tools, resources, and strategic connections to develop mainstream women who stand out and make a positive socio-economic impact through leadership.

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NOW International Women's Leadership Summit 2023

Join us at the Nations of Women International Women's Leadership Summit & Awards Gala Celebrations.

A 5-Day Exclusively hand-selected women leaders gathering in Cairo, Egypt. This exclusive event is a rare opportunity to join 50 handpicked, outstanding women in leadership from diverse industries, creating a unique platform for growth, connection, and empowerment. This summit is designed to be a game-changing experience that will impact your legacy. Together we will step into history! You will be restored, adorned and called "Sought Out!

Attendance is strictly by Private Invitation ONLY.

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