Alittle bit about ME!

Dr. Tina Allton stands as the dynamic CEO and President of Nations of Women (NOW). Known for challenging traditional norms, Tina is an influential leader who inspires change.

As an experienced Educational Psychologist, Business Mentor, Certified Coach, and keynote speaker, Tina uses her expertise to fuel sustainable economic growth and promote women's empowerment worldwide. Her tenacity and dedication have transformed over 35,000 lives, kindling an entrepreneurial spirit and fostering economic independence.

Recognized for her significant contributions, Tina was a finalist at the 2019 UK Women's Business Awards. Her impact extends beyond the business world. She co-founded Undefeeted, a groundbreaking nonprofit fighting diabetes. This organization, inspired by her daughter, has seen an astounding global reach since its inception.

Tina's skill set is vast, with a track record in global leadership, change management, business growth, women's empowerment, sales, and business expansion. She is a trusted mentor for entrepreneurs and leaders, equipping them with strategies that lead to success.

During her term as the High Commissioner to Ghana for the World Business Angels Investment Forum (WBAF), Tina excelled at building partnerships and facilitated the successful implementation of the Africa Master plan. This initiative reaffirms her QBAC+ accreditation from the London Stock Exchange Group.

Tina's leadership also shone through when she, alongside her husband, managed the multi-award-winning Circle Podiatry for over a decade. They clinched numerous accolades, including the Best Small Business in London, testament to their commitment to excellence.

Tina's influence resonates worldwide, with speeches delivered across four continents and numerous countries. She has shared platforms with notable figures, from film stars like Sylvester Stallone and Al Pacino to business leaders like Dr. Nido Qubein and Jay Abraham.

Beyond the stage and the office, Tina makes significant contributions in boardrooms, where she offers her expertise to various nonprofits. She's collaborated with global leaders such as H.E Kolinda, former President of Croatia, and H.E Ameenah, former President of Mauritius.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Tina is an ordained minister, a loving wife, a proud mother of seven, and grandmother of two. Guided by her values of integrity, loyalty, hard work, and perseverance, Tina continues to be a beacon of inspirational and transformative leadership.